Who I am

I know, I know… “Who starts a blog these days?” you’re asking.

My name is Shawn. For 28 years I walked this world a pagan: variously an atheist, a druid, a Satanist, a Buddhist, even a Daoist. I dabbled, but never joined a team. Nothing ever made rational sense. In a drunken fit of mania that 28th December I tried to take my own life. In that moment I heard a voice. I didn’t know it was the voice of God until sitting in a church the following week, but once I knew I knew I needed to find him, to see what I’d missed in my careful assassination of Christian tradition.

One Sunday morning in September of 2013, at the age of 35, I saw a vision of Christ and pledged my fealty and my life to Him. Since then I have sought to learn, to grow, that I might, in some small way, help others to reach him faster, easier. I came to be called quite late by statistical models. If the statistics knew how entrenched I was against Christ they would call my conversion a miracle.

I hope that while you’re here you find something of inspiration, education, and value. I write because He tells me to. I write here because social media lacks tolerance for lengthy posts, but He gives me these words to share, so share I shall.

May the Lord bless and keep you all the steps of your path.

With deepest Love,