A Shadow of A Doubt

Powerful. It’s interesting to me that this is a torture many Christians go through that I can’t identify with. Because I tried every path, went down every pagan angle, tried on every answer to see how they didn’t fit. I learned to see God by taking the long way around, and I think it was how He allowed me to sidestep the self-doubt that so cripplingly erodes confidence in Him. I am so very prone to skepticism that He couldn’t let me believe early. Continue reading “A Shadow of A Doubt”

Reach Out and Touch Faith

74 years since the bombing of Pearl Harbor. Since the Japanese empire became so desperate they made a futile stab at the west to provoke us into war. Since an array of Navy personnel blindly rejected the approaching armada as a mistake of the radar. Since Nagumo blessedly aborted a third wave which, in addition to heaping thousands more onto an already 2500-person casualty list between both countries, would have ended any US ability to operate in the Pacific. Since 2400 US soldiers lost their lives, most before they were even fully awake from the jolted nightmare alarm. I first studied that terrible day when the anniversary number was in the 40s; it affects my heart no less today than it did then, despite having learned a great deal more about it.

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