We’ve Got the Power

We’ve Got the Power

As I scroll facebook tonight I think there’s a message that needs shouting to the world: it is not a spirit of hate that drives the disconnection in this uncivilized civilization. That person insulting you or your “group”, that insult hurled by you at the opposing “group” or person… these things are not hate. They are fear. They are a desperate fear, a consuming fear whose seed was planted long ago. A fear of acceptance or rejection, a fear of conversion or corruption. They are fears fed by an ocean of culture obsessed with meaningless rebellion, lawless wandering from God. A fear that presupposes the Lord has no power or care for us.

That fear is Satan. His only option is to make you fear that he is more powerful than you, but he isn’t. Those fears are not, will not be, and indeed cannot be borne out except in and by your mind. That opposing view you think will destroy your world or your household if you give in is nothing but noise, the idle stomping of demon feet in frustration of their inability to affect the world. He lost the battle; Jesus forcibly revoked Satan’s authority to the one realm he held: death. Make no mistake: Satan has no power to destroy you, be you a child of Light or wandering in the dark. The power that we beat each other to death with, and that he beats us to death with, is our own, freely and willingly given. The lingering fear that he can still harm us drives our barbaric need to do unto others before they can do unto us.

It can stop with you and I. In fact it can only stop with you and I. We can lay down the hatchet, suppress the voice of fear and storm the stage of this world in Love. We can bring back the Light. We can create a culture that concerns itself with righteousness and affirmation. We can pull the world out of the devil’s maw like we take the ball from a dog’s mouth. Jesus gave that authority to us. He healed us and gave us a tangible vision of the Word. Love God, He admonishes us, and Love His people. Not “tear down, ridicule, and harass those who disagree” and not “hold at arm’s length anyone with the capacity to harm you.” No. Love people. Do for them what you would do for yourself. Sometimes it means tenderness and sometimes it means correction — iron sharpening iron whereby both swords are shaped and improved by the interaction — but never does it mean unprovoked violence, derision, or dehumanizing. Never does it mean showing another person less value than your own comfort.

Father, we wander still in the dark. We carry the flashlight You gave us but we refuse to turn it on. Let us not find the Light through stumbling, self-directed hands, but by Your power, Your influence. I beg You to remind the world what it means to be made in Your image. Our Father, who is in Heaven, hallowed be Your name (bless Your mighty name!). Your Kingdom come, Your Will be done, in earth (in me, in Texas, in America, in our hearts) as it is in Heaven. Give us this day (every day!) our daily bread, and forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us. (And Father, show us how to forgive them and ourselves.) Lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil, for Yours is the Kingdom, and the Power, and the Glory (Yours and Yours alone) forever and ever. Amen.


This subject has been on my mind for weeks and keeps leeching into other discussions and presentations. I am realizing that I’ve been talking about it for years; you could easily dig through my feed history to find the proof. It’s a dense subject:

We — humanity — are in a dire state of complete inability to relate to human beings.
In the Middle Ages gnostic monks would have themselves walled up in caves so they could avoid the temptations of the outside world. We have found ways to do the exact same thing but with virtual walls, walls made up of peer groups and miserly isolation. We have found a way to settle in to comfortable associations and thereby block out the remainder of the world.

The debates tonight, both the event itself and the commentary and side discussions surrounding it, show the bitter, vehement spite we have for those who don’t align to us.
It’s nothing new, but the realization of how foundationally Satan has immobilized us to each other is staggering to me. We are in a strange entropy, seeing the breakdown of even the most sacred threads of connection left.

Even in the small scales you see it: churches who can’t bring themselves to reach out to the lost and broken because they can’t relate, TED talks about poverty from and to people who have never had to pay for their own meal, relatives who don’t speak over ideological differences, the utter destruction of the family unit, the list goes on.

We speak the same words but different languages. We see the same facts but carry away different truths. How do we repair a breach so fundamental? How do we, the followers of Christ, who are driven in this world by the singular desire to bring all of humanity with us to worship and feel the joy of the Almighty God, reach across this Babel-like confusion? The answer is that we can’t. In this I glory, in this I find eternal hope, because it is in these very kinds of absolute impossibility that He steps in to remind us that we do nothing, we affect no change under our own capacity, but that it is He who acts through us to perform miracles.

I can’t express to you what I see coming, what I feel paves the road ahead, but I can tell you that I have been granted a vision of what might be. His power is limitless and He will show every person the truth of His reign. I long for that day, for that reality to come through. These feeble words I wield so often to illustrate my mind, occasionally with the grace to show you the inside of my heart, will fail in that day.

Until then I will continue to follow His guidance and use them to try and expose the enemy for what he is: the deceiving miscreant, the inflated lion-child stomping his feet to garner attention. The world has eyes only for him, but it will not always be so. In the mighty name of Jesus I claim it…