All The World A Stage

More proof we live in a tragically fallen world, courtesy of Google Now:
  • Since being hacked Ashley Madison has garnered over a million new subscribers. That means over a million people, AFTER the hack, have said “I am so ready to cheat that I don’t care if it gets my name posted publicly”
  • Dating app OKCupid, which last year added the ability to mark yourself as being in an open relationship, now has 22 genders to choose from and will, staring this week, allow couples who want to bring in more partners to jointly search for them. They call it the polyamorous feature. It was requested by over 30% of their users.

Surely no more debased than Sodom or Gomorrah, but somehow more heartbreaking to me. Satan has found a way to convince us not just that we shouldn’t bend to the shame of our evil, but that we should actually foster and be proud of it because it isn’t evil, but good. We now encourage and applaud each other for being vile as if moral vacancy is the new moral high ground.
The little liar’s victory seems less than a generation from complete, which is how you know it’s truly his fall that is near. There is no victory for him, no truth to his reign. In the dark moment when the last shred of light seems cloaked, when the last truth is quashed under the voice of ruthless tolerance and anarchistic freedom, when he is certain he has won over the corruption of man, then we will see the dawn come. Then will we see Christ in His glory. The bible says every knee will bow and every tongue confess.
You can dress as a vampire and hang out with vampire friends and write vampire legends, but actually try to drain a human’s blood and you will confront the absolute and immutable truth that you are not a vampire. Your tightly-held fantasy will melt against the facts.
But that end isn’t certain. It is not requisite that we find truth through the shattering of our elaborate illusions. We can choose to put away childish things. We can quietly resign from our rebellion and embrace reality. We can willingly choose to walk away from the lion’s show and seek the Lamb. That ending is happier, that growth more fulfilling. Blessed are those who choose without seeing, without being confronted by the truth they can’t escape.
It’s not easy; messages such as this suffer corruption in the eyes of those still fascinated with the show. But the burning desire for it lives in the heart of every sheep. It is possible to deprive the demon of his formal defeat and show him that Love wins by simply starving him of an audience. The question is how…

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