I wish so much that people cared about the sacrifice, suffering, and gifts of Christ with even half the zeal with which they lament Bowie’s death. Sure, David gave us some nice music and some powerful thoughts to chew on. He may even have been a good guy. His passing deserves respect. But the absolute worship is just…

We are so very eager to give up our fealty to any velvet tongue, yet the idea of giving it to the living God who created Love is unthinkable. It’s bending to the worst sort of peer pressure. The Bible talks about stiff necked people and their resistance to God’s authority. Certainly we’ve struggled with it forever. But in this age of intelligence we should so plainly see the Truth and accept it. We should be able to see.
Seek. Just 5 minutes to stop playing in the sand and open yourself to the idea that there is a parent watching you, keeping you safe as you play. I refuse to get comfortable with the idea that some people just aren’t in the flock. Whosoever believeth in me. That means everyone — every single beating heart — can see Him, feel Him. They just have to seek. You tell me you don’t believe and I call BS. You haven’t tried. I can say that because I walked that path of rejection for a very long time. Whatever your objection, just shut up. Seek Him. Ridicule me, call me a follower, tell me you used to think I was smart. But seek Him. For once in your life stop, put away what you think you know and seek Him.
Not for me, not so you can be “one of those people,” and not even so you can find happiness or peace. If you need to, seek Him so you can disprove Him; you can find Him whether you’re looking for a yes or a no. But seek Him. Put all you have into it. There is not fear there; you will not become one of us. You will find the uniqueness you are so desperate to hold on to. He doesn’t change who you are. He shows you who you are. I understand how terrifying that is, but I promise you that it doesn’t hurt as much as you think. Seek Him. Please.

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