No Stairway

Always makes me chuckle when people refer to God as invisible. He is so incredibly real, tangible, and visible it’s flabbergasting.

He has blessed me in countless ways, but one thing He gave me early is words; I have always been able to use words to get across even the most complex concepts. My Facebook wall is filled with evidence that I can throw together a word or two to get an idea across.
Since my rebirth He has used me many times to express Himself. I have learned to read, to hear, the difference between my words and His. His impress me profoundly every time. Mine frustrate me every time.
But I’m finding lately that I lose traction and cannot put my words to use; there are concepts I can’t express. I started out thinking I was slipping, that I was losing His gift to me. During prayer this morning I realized — which is to say He gave me revelation knowledge — that they are messages He doesn’t bless me expressing. It’s His “Nope.”
While more comforting, it is also kind of frustrating, because I don’t like knowing something I can’t share. I know some knowledge can’t be received, it must be earned, but that doesn’t make it easier to accept!

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