The last line of this article tore the heart out of me. They were words spoken of miscreant science; the bitter, dripping lies of Satan. They are words borne of the absence of a close relationship to Christ, the words of the highest evolution of scientific perfection — the first, and chief accusation Lucifer hurled at God: Love is not enough.

Love is always enough. In fact, Love is the only thing that can ever be enough. What was true of her son is that her Love for him was not enough to overcome his lack of Love for himself. But in the miswording is hidden the hope of helping anyone else, the chance for freedom for her spirit, the opportunity to see the gaping, cross-shaped hole in him.

I have a nephew struggling right now to settle an internal question he doesn’t know he has. If his mother abdicated her leadership role to see that Love is enough I would weep for his ruin. But she hasn’t, because she has the Word in her heart and she is fighting to overcome the lie that her efforts will be insufficient. Christ is alive in that family and He will show His Love is enough, I’ve no doubt of that.

Ms. Klebold shouldn’t feel guilty, she didn’t cause her son to do what he did. But the neglected truth hits exactly what I posted about last night: she has kept her eyes affixed to the darkness. Her son needed God, and she needs Him, too. I pray, Father, that You will lift up her eyes and free her soul.

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