So Not Subtle

It’s funny to see the Lord work. “Still, small voice” my behind; He is loud and obvious and forceful. Oh, sure, He’s a whisper when inspiring you, but when He has a message every blessing lamb in the flock shouts it out.

Four things keep reverberating through my life recently. I see them everywhere; hear one or two in every sermon, get struck by one in every chapter of the Bible.

Today I went to a men’s event at lunch and the pastor called out three of them:

1. God has no grandchildren. You may recall I said this last week in a post. It’s the idea that we are all inheritors of a Kingdom and we should stand up and own that.

2. Many people fundamentally misunderstand Salvation. There’s not a thing you can do to get saved or unsaved, save one alone: trust in Christ as Savior of your rebellious soul. All your eternity hangs on that single decision, that narrow road. All else, all fruit you do or don’t bear, is about whether you will have peace in this life or not. Even the walking dead, if they truly trust in Christ, will be made clean and pure in eternity.

3. Operate in Love or operate in sin. How you present the gospel matters. So many people jump to “Jesus whipped people and overturned tables” as a reason they get to be harsh to people. It’s wrong. Some will take an extra evolutionary step and say that He was angry that the people were defiling God’s house, and since God’s house is now our hearts they are justified to turn us upside down. It’s wrong, too. Jesus addressed the change to come after His death. He told us that we should operate out of two commandments: Love God with all you are, and Love His children as yourself. All actions, all commandments, all Bible stories HAVE to be taken in this context. ALL else is just stomping your feet and trying to be superior, which is sin.

I found it very entertaining that right down the line he was saying what I’ve been saying. Because what I’ve been saying, what I’ve been hearing, what others have been saying, have all been what He wants said. It delights me that He allows His messages to flow through me at times, and it amazes me that I manage not to tangle it up most of the time.

I’m no prophet, but I think I’m learning to obey, and that makes me very happy.

That fourth thing? It’s controversial. It’s been obsessing my mind and I’ve heard it briefly mentioned in sermons. But it’s the one that most gets confounded when I try to write about it, so it isn’t for today. Maybe soon. It has to do with prophecy, and I think I have to get myself resolved on my spiritual gifts before I can speak about it without seeming looney…

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