Repeat after me: there is no such thing as darkness, there is only dimmer light.

Satan can stomp his feet, he can scream, he can whimper, whine, and try his best to scare us, defeat us, and overwhelm us. But we know, in a place in our hearts he can never influence, that nothing he does is consequential. His lies just don’t matter.

I see the light, I choose the Lamb. Every day and every hour. Even when the little demon thinks he’s beating me I refuse to do more than glance at him.

The shackles are off my feet, the chains are broken. Maybe I don’t dance, and maybe I’m incredibly awkward praying in front of people, but He sees my heart and the depths of my fealty.

I fear no evil; my Shepherd leads me and nothing stands against Him. I Love You, Father. Forever. I just want to praise You!

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