I don’t agree with Pastor Jeffress on a number of issues, and I don’t particularly agree with who he believes God is. However: what he said this month is spot-on.

Don’t be fooled: the LGBT community is not at issue here. L, G, and B have been given all the equality they have asked for. It took longer than was probably reasonable, sure. There remains bigotry, yes. But there’s barely more of “us” throwing “them” hate than there are of “them” throwing “us” hate.

No, the current push is said to be for T. But look closer: how much is RuPaul saying on the subject? How many transgender spokespeople are vocalizing here?

Right. Almost none. It’s the intolerant tolerance fascists that are piping up. It’s those who feel “they” don’t have and “we” do have. What “we” have doesn’t matter: the point is that everyone must be reduced and everyone else must get special privilege. Pick any sortable people group and they are being mistreated in some way deserving of imbalanced equity — reparation. I understand the absurdity of the necessary counter-argument: that heterosexual boys cannot be trusted to be honest and thus we must segregate restrooms. But that is reality: laws, behaviors, social strategies MUST be rooted in an honest accounting of human behavior. People are not robots and cannot be manipulated as such. “They” bring to the table no such presentation; the effect of the argument is held independent of its construction; the reality must bend to the rule in their view.

There is no underpinning to their argument; there’s no substance. It is simply the rejection of any kind of limitation, boundary, or control upon the “them” group whilst implementing a binding back of the “us” group. There is a word for such behavior: childish. The children are taking over the household, and as with all children they have no ability to reason through consequences. They know only their rebellion and rejection. They know only that they need to be free of any obligation to another human. This has immediate foundation in the Dr. Spock school of parenting, but the true foundation is in antiquity. It had been a part of humanity so long most are completely oblivious to it.

Jeffress is dead-on to the real issue: these people are crying out for God but they don’t know how to express it because they don’t know Him. They have heard so many of the little lion’s lies that they no longer know what is real from what is false.

Lest you think I will end in a mire of highly charged vitriol, let me say that I have no interest in attacking the lost. There is no respect, no Love in argument, insult, or attack. Hateful words on neither side are justified. I no longer feel the urge to debate the confused. Instead I am calling out for realization. Realization that the condition we fight here is not gender bias or gender confusion, but mistrust. That the path of regulating in freedom only chokes it harder. There is a better way. There is a bloodless path. There is a sane ground to walk on, though that’s for another post.

Don’t let yourselves be caught in the battle of the “haves” and the “have nots”. We are all “haves” in Christ’s eyes. I continue to pray for “them”, Father, that You might present an opportunity for them to receive You, to see that “them” is just more “us”, and begin to heal these grievous and manufactured wounds. In the name of Your Word, and my brother, Jesus, I pray. Amen.

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