Today there’s no study, just release. Not for you but for me. It may sound crazy.

Father, I don’t know if this prayer is meant for this blog or not, but I write it that I may read and remember as often as You would have me. I feel You today, I feel the urgency of prayer need, but I don’t know what to pray for. I feel no need to know, but whatever it is, whatever need is in the world, whatever it is You would do to show Your glory, Lord I seek it.

There are so many rolling through my head I could pray for weeks, but the one that rings clearest is also the muddiest, the one I have been so confused by for so long. Cathedral. I don’t know what that means or what it is I’m to pray for or how, but bring it forth. I see a shining spire reaching for the heavens, it is gorgeous, and it isn’t made by human hands. I see where it is, right on the field of our church. That seems crazy, seems impossible, but You are the God of the impossible and Your wisdom is foolishness to men so I will ask the foolish: I call that cathedral into that space in Your name, Lord, that all should see and know Your power, that You are still mighty among us for the enormous things, the world-changing things.

I pray for a young man I’ve never met who I know is lost. He has not rage but deep hurt that he feels You don’t Love him. I don’t know what You would change in his lifestyle, but I know that You Love him every bit as much as You Love me, so I pray for a removal of the veil of shame and condemnation he has been blinded by. Whatever hold Satan has on him, release it. His family misses his voice in the chorus of harmony Your children sing to You.

I hear again the discord, the panic of knowing how many voices are missing from that chorus, Father, how many of Your children wander lost. I ache for every lost heart, every silent tongue. If my Savior and my Brother Jesus died that not one should be lost then how can I pray for less? I don’t care what Revelation says, I don’t care for the rampant obsession everyone has with the expected end, the overanalyzation of the prophecy and the signs and how close we are. I don’t want to stand where You stood looking up at the sky waiting for Your return. You gave us this prophecy of Revelation not to tell us what would happen, but what could. That death-worship stole that prophecy in an attempt to make it certain matters not at all to You or me Father. Every knee will bow, every tongue will confess, and that doesn’t need Rapture or Tribulation or any Throne of Judgement. I don’t care what the book says, I care only that Jonah was given a small prophecy that he should draw millions back to You and we were given an enormous one that we might draw all back to You.

So here is my sun-stopping, rain-summoning, miraculous prayer to drown all others I may speak: bring Your children. All of them. Deprive the little lion of attention, bring every heart and every eye and every ear back to You. Their voices are so painfully absent from the song that never ends, the song of Your eternal praise. I don’t care why, I don’t know how to begin chipping away at this number. I don’t know how to reach 7 billion hearts, but my God, my Lord, my King, my Father I know You do. I would gladly die in this moment if it could draw them, but only one death could do that. Show them as You showed me, Father. Today show every man, woman, and child of the earth that vision of Christ, that instant knowledge of the deep, unconditional Love, and the unending song… let them hear the voices that cry out that theirs may be joined. Not for the seeing of events, but for the knowing of Truth.

I see a vision of gruff, hardened men, men with guns, men who have never shown emotion crying and singing, and as absurd a thought as that may be to me it blocks all further prayer because I know it can be. Deprive the demon of victims. Show Your heart and let us beside You watch every lost heart come running back to it. Let the enemy see that we will always choose You. Always. I pray the insane, the peculiar, the foolish. I sound a fool, but I am Your fool, Your slave, Your son and I will gladly pray whatever You would have me. In the precious name of Your Word, and my Brother, Jesus, I pray. Amen.

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