The Interview

I know it seems self-centered to post a video of me (this is me if you don’t know me), but I think the message Pastor Paul pulls out of me is salient: God sent Jesus that none would perish, but that through Christ all might find eternal life. It’s the job of every Christian to carry out that mission actively. If you’re not spreading the gospel you’re just staring up at the sky waiting for Him to come back.

I was in my 30s when I was saved, and while I never actually inflicted violence on a Christian I was pretty derisive and Saul-like in my zeal to tear down the “prejudices” and “small-mindedness” of the “Christian fantasy.” I was one of those who are the reason Christians don’t speak out. I insulted them, forcibly debated them to speechlessness… I had no mercy in my heart because science has no concept of mercy.

My existence was cold, fleshy, and rage-filled. And worse, I had lived that way so long I had no idea I’d reached that place.

That is millions of people. People not for anything, but set squarely against anything “white,” politically right, or Christian. And compounded to that are those who are far in the other direction, who are so legalistically attached to their dogma that they have no ability to relate to the lost.

The church has a mighty slanted hill to scale. I feel called, compelled, to be a part of the solution. The Lord gave me this intellect and the power of words and speech to reach this world.

This interview was the first foray into that mission, small as it may be. I post it not for recognition, but in hopes that my testimony might plant a seed of consideration…

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