I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I just… I just can’t take you seriously with a beard like that. I mean… he glued that on, right? This is the whole issue with terrorists. They don’t cause terror, they cause everything but: ridicule, shame, rage, sorrow… You name it.

They can only reflect shades of the power of Satan, which isn’t really power. We all see it, we all sense it. Theirs isn’t power, it’s the same childish stomping of feet their master does.

And if you look through that bravado you see the same core issue: they don’t disbelieve in Christ, they don’t hate those they kill… They simply haven’t been taught how to value themselves or others. They blind themselves to it.

But let me tell you something I know and experienced firsthand: Christ will have your heart and there is nothing you will do to stop Him. Through your anger, through your hurt, through your stubbornness He will consume and obsess your heart.

The question, the only real question, and the only decision you have to make in this life is: will you give it willingly now or find it lost at the throne of judgement when all your rebellion is read back to you.

Every knee will bow, every tongue confess. Every heart will cry “Holy, Holy, Holy is the Lord”. Stop fighting, brothers and sisters. Nothing you want, nothing you do, nothing you hold so dear holds a shadow of a meaning in the face of God.

You like to tell yourself that when you meet God you’ll explain a few things to Him. But in truth you will crumble with a contrite heart, the arrogance and corruption of this life stripped bare in His glory. It will happen.

Christ’s dying call, “it is finished,” rings in your ears even today. The call that relinquished the hold of corruption over every one of us, should we simply give in.

Put away the hate, put away the bitterness, put away the false pride; the mask of confidence betrayed by your bruised ego. Look squarely at the cross and ask Him to show you.

Not who He is or what He’s about, but who you are supposed to be. You are a seedling, but He will show you the mighty tree you are meant to be. Just ask. Just trust. Just let go.

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