Father, bless and keep the souls of those in turmoil. They are so very, very many.

Phew. I may have now read about the last of anything I care to ever read on Facebook. I’ve seen most every conceivable angle on this most recent shooting in Florida except the sensible ones.

There are pieces of blame scattered about the world. But let me ask you: what use has blame ever served? It is one thing to seek the root cause, but in this case there is only one root cause, and nothing is gained by its diagnosis.

Satan stalks about, seeking whom he may devour. It is a sad truth that whom he may devour can occasionally bring others down as he is being devoured. What would you do with that differently than being without it? What armament does that give you?

The solution, that is where to look. There is one answer only, and it applies to this situation from infinite angles: Love. Love of each other and Love of God.

Don’t use this as a means to propagate hate. Not against gays, Obama, Christians, conservatives, gun enthusiasts, liberals, gun control activists, ISIS, Islam, atheists, reporters, supporters, the mentally ill, or anyone else.

Vitriol is never the right answer. Words spoken from rage are never pure, and can never convey truth. Anger breeds anger and hatred breeds hate. Don’t let yourself be infected by it.

Pray with Love for the killer’s soul, for the wounded and the dead, and for all of their families. Pray for the investigators who may ache over having ruled him harmless. Pray for the ex-wife who will bear unwarranted guilt that her accusations bore no fruit. Pray for the parents of the dead who may suffer the random hell of pondering if this would have happened if their child wasn’t gay. Pray for sanity and peace to those who may or will use this as a catalyst for war. Pray for the nation who now suffers a new record-holder.

Pray without ceasing. For your soul, and mine, and for all the others.

Father, I again see so much bitterness, so much division, so much baseless rage sweeping across the world. It is as though every green tree has been razed and fire has been replaced by breaking earth; molten plasma leaking up from the ground randomly and without warning. I see people who were already burned being incinerated by the twisted corruption of the heat, bringing to flame all who might reach out to help them.

But I know, Lord. I trust, and I know in my heart that this is just a veil, that the truth of our situation is that we are surrounded by beauty and light. By the Love of You, our glorious and mighty Father. So many see only the desolation, but I see the Kingdom. Lord forgive me for the times I yield to darkness, for the times I allow myself to fall into the belief of fire and lava.

Help us. Help us to mount up with Your courage and Your armor to defend those throwing themselves to burn. Bring us the strength and the words to speak Your Peace as purifying water to their hearts.

I pray, as always, that when every knee bows not one is indignant, and that when every tongue confesses not one is embittered. I see Salvation, and if it came for me then it can come for every living soul just as You desired. My brother said that He came that none should perish, and I do not believe He can fail. I know Your plans for us are good.

Show us all, Lord. Shine Your light in our eyes that we might not be able to deny You. I Love You. In the name of Your Word, and my brother, Jesus, I pray. Amen.

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