I Can See Clearly Now

Simple post for today, but it’s because I want to ask you to commit some time. To (*GASP*) thinking!

It’s a simple question, but I think there is immense wealth to be had in pondering it.

What did Christ see up on that cross?

I think we all know that as He hung in penance for the sins of all human flesh that the Lord rejected Him, that He looked away from His son for the first time since the foundation of the universe. We talk on the surface about Jesus’ anguish, His pain.

But He was flesh, as we are. We see, but we imagine; what we see is not just input from our eyes but from the bits of what our minds fill in. This is why eyewitness testimony is so very errant. We want to say we see what we see, but that’s not true; we see what we want to see. We see the very state of our hearts.

Think about it: when you’re annoyed all you see is aggravation, when you’re happy all you see is beauty.

So, again: what did Christ see? What did His mind, now fully left to His flesh like the rest of us, see? Did He see His Father walking away from Him? Did He see a world of flame and drought with charred, chained people staring up at Him? Did He see a world of people callously living their lives ignorant of what He was doing? Did His mind tell Him His sacrifice was futile? Was His vision cloaked in darkness, His Father’s light gone and only the pale light of the world’s to look through?

Or did He see beauty? Did He see a world of light, of freedom? Did He see Himself approaching the gates of Hell knowing He was to defeat it?

That He died so quickly seems to speak that He saw sorrow, but is that simply an earthen view?

What do you think? Did He struggle to retain His Kingdom perspective and fall to seeing the world? Did He swing between the two? What must that have appeared like?

I ask you, for your benefit, to really think about it today. Let it marinate through your mind. Pray for Revelation in it.

I Love you all. May the God of all abundance shine His face upon you, and may all your hearts know true Peace.

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